A map, pen and notebook… what else awaits?

Everything has a beginning. All books, all blogs, all bodies. Even this gigantic infinite universe has an origin, though no amount of explanation ever gives us a nice clear moment. I digress.

This is the beginning of Don’t Want To Wander, a chronicle of adventures of a man who spent far too much time at home, and wants to spread his wings. It isn’t the beginning of those adventures however, for they began many years ago, and so from time to time I will be reflecting on experiences past as the new narrative is woven.

Some of you know me already. I’m Robert. Native of Northern Ireland. A sometime freelance arts professional. What’s that when its at home? Well, basically I have a couple of arts degrees and stubbornly stick to the idea that my money is earned through whatever vaguely artistic avenue is offered. Whether that be writing, photography, acting,broadcasting or something else entirely. It can be fun, sometimes I get to go places with work and have random experiences that make the whole thing memorable. I blog already, quite a bit, but I wanted to write more about things that didn’t really fit in with my other content. And so we’re here. Somewhere I can talk about the places and people I get to.

Not everything is about foreign adventures. Some of it is much closer to home – days on solo travels, road trips with friends, that sort of thing. But there’s also jaunts further afield. New friendships, relationships, strange encounters. You might enjoy some of that. I’m trying to do it more – I used to travel around a fair bit with work, but then that stopped for a few years, and my appetite has been whetted and is being indulged a little once more. So this may also serve to encourage me to do more things. All part of my Robert 3.0 life. I tend to go everywhere armed with a camera and a notebook, so I’ll be drawing on my images, art and jottings along the way.  Occasionally identities will be obscured to protect the innocent.

Being an arts-type (and sometime artist), I’m always working to micro-budgets too – relying on discounts, freebies, careful planning and the kindness of friends and strangers. I stress that now, because it is both the reason and the limitation behind a fair bit of what happens. If you want to play along, you can join me on my adventures (Twitter or my Facebook page will usually let you know where I’m going to be), or pop me a message if you’d like to put me up for a few days, or better still, combine a visit with work! But I’m getting ahead of myself. For now, the journey begins…


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